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There’s a common saying that everyone is here for a reason. Sometimes, this may not ring true to you. You may think that you have no purpose. It’s hard to feel like you have a purpose when everything is going wrong. You may think: “There are billions of people in the world. Why am I important?”

Well, let me tell you why you’re important to this world. You have a purpose. There is no single answer to what exactly that purpose is. It’s probably a number of things.

There’s a lot of awful people in this world, but there are more good people. It takes one person. You can change the world through your actions, whether you’re changing one life or thousands of lives.

Think about something you care about. Is it a cause? Do you care about their people? By doing this, you will find aspects of life that you shine light on and make brighter. Smile at one person in the hallway. These are small acts of kindness that really do make a difference. You are spreading kindness to an otherwise dark world.

This actually happened to me. I had just returned from swim practice and was really hungry. I walked into a convenience store and couldn’t find my money to pay for my food. A woman behind me smiled at me and offered to pay for my food. At first I refused, but then she insisted. The most beautiful thing happened after this. She said the following:

“You’d do the same for me in this situation, even though I don’t know you. It’s the little things that count, right?”

I thanked her as I walked out to my car. I couldn’t stop thanking her. It wasn’t the fact that she gave me money. That was important, yes, but I learned a key lesson from her. I made it a goal of mine to spread kindness every single day, even if it’s through a small act.

So in other words, she inspired me. Be the one to inspire others to spread kindness and good to the world. It has to start somewhere. Whether this is through advocating for a cause or simply doing something good every day, you’ve found your purpose. Your acts do not go unnoticed.

I found that my purpose lies in mental health advocacy through my own experiences. Sometimes it takes a bad experience to urge you to help others. Remember that bad experiences can turn into positive outcomes.



  • Jenny

    Jenny Jenny

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    I believe that my purpose is also mental health advocacy too. How did your start your journey down this path?
    Thanks, Jenny

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  • Rich James Weyker

    The Lord has inspired me to start ‘It should Never hurt to be a kid’ after experiencing life threatening child abuse n the two suicide attempts the followed…I BELIEVE that it should NEVER hurt to be a kid of ANY age…

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  • Rich James Weyker

    Or ANY species for THAT fact!!!

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