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Change. What a funny concept. We all claim to believe in change being good, yet so many of us aggressively oppose it, myself included.

And why? Why do we so adamantly deny change? We know it’s inevitable, healthy even, yet we run the other way.

Because of familiarity. We crave routine, we yearn for consistency. Even those of us who say we love change, it’s hard for us to accept and adapt.

There’s no denying that life is unpredictable and more often than not we’re forced to make a change we didn’t really prepare for or expect. We lose jobs, we lose people, we move to another country or we find ourselves in unfavorable circumstances that we weren’t taught how to handle. These things force you to change something that you weren’t ready to change 

Change. What a scary concept; especially when you’re the kind of person who thrives in their comfort zone. Change pressures you to overcome certain fears or insecurities which is something we all dread to do.

But the truth is, the only way to embrace life is to embrace change. Sometimes we’re blinded by the reality that change is needed because we’re convinced that knowing something well means it’s right.

The only way for you to protect yourself from the twists and turns of fate is to master the art of changing and adapting to whatever new conditions you’re forced to live with. And change is not always a bad thing, sometimes change allows you to free yourself from toxic situations or difficult circumstances. At first, change can sometimes look terrifying, but once you dive deep into it, it becomes easier to navigate, embrace and accept. Sometimes change is exactly what you need to grow and shine. Sometimes it’s the gift you didn’t know you needed, even if it feels like the biggest curse.

Because even if change is scary, there’s one good thing about it, you get to move on from your past and start building a new future. Life brings about a lot of uncertainty and if you’re the kind of person who can’t accept that, your struggles in life will be a lot more than your joys. If you don’t change to adapt to certain situations or to free yourself from a life that’s making you unhappy, you will always be stuck and unaware of the power you have to change your life for the better.

Even though change may be painful and so hard sometimes, it’s still better than the pain of feeling powerless as you watch your dreams pass you by. Change brings opportunity, renewal and transformation. It can also bring you one step closer to a more rewarding life because sometimes little changes lead to big results. Change can be the most beautiful blessing in disguise.

We are evolving, blossoming, changing every day. It only makes sense our situations do the same.



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