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Between school, homework, friends, and those extracurriculars that take up all your time, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed. With busy schedules, it’s easy to get run-down. Just like you would take a sick day for the flu to feel better, you can do this for your emotional well-being too.

Signs You Need a Mental Health Day

  • You feel run down and tired all the time.
  • You’re much more irritated than usual.
  • You might not be sleeping as much as you need.
  • You just wish you had an hour to do something you want to instead of what you have to do.

If this describes you, it might be a good time to take a mental health day.

How to Let Yourself Off the Hook

In some cases it may take a few days notice to plan out how you can take the day off from your obligations. If you’re under 18, you may need to ask your parents or guardians about calling into school.

Have a Guilt-Free Day Off

Once you get the day off, try to focus on things you enjoy that are good for your mental health, like playing with a pet or dancing around your room to music. Do what makes you happy and don’t feel guilty – everyone needs a day to themselves!

You just have to listen to what your body tells you and how you feel. If you think you need a day to yourself, it’s definitely worth taking one.



  • nick

    nick nick

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    I wish it was this easy to just take a day off from school but its not. At least not in my house.

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  • Micaela

    Micaela Micaela

    Reply Author

    What bull… It’s not that easy at all! I get forced into work if I don’t have a doctors note saying I’m contagious. Preschools don’t give a crap about mental disorders… I did a no call no show to Michaels because I had so many panic attacks I couldn’t handle it and even they still pressured me to come to work. So I quit. And I’m about to quit this job too because I can’t handle it anymore. Bosses dont care about employees. ita just business..

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  • Alexis

    Alexis Alexis

    Reply Author

    Does anyone have any advice for asking parents for a mental health day..?

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    • You Matter

      ALexis, thank you for reaching to us today. If you would like, you could call our crisis counselor, about asking your parents for a mental health day, they are here for you any time day or night, every day of the year at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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  • Nailsome

    daily stress is a pure health killer. Its really important to take a few days off from time to time. already experienced a burnout, thats not something you want.

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    • Jay

      Jay Jay

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      absolutely. From time to time 1-2 days off to fully focus on yourself and relief some stress through meditation or just doing what you like is very important. above all, it’s something to look forward to. like 1/2 days in the month.

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