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As you know, life is hard. You’re probably reading this because you know just how hard life is and are looking for some guidance.  Walking through this life can be a difficult journey, and many of you probably don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Some of you may be thinking about suicide.  Others may have tried.  A lot of you may be self-harming, not eating, and aren’t treating yourselves fairly.

Think about how many years you’ve lived so far, whether it’s 12, 16, or 24, you’re still here.  You’re here for a reason.  It may seem like it’ll take forever to get out of the situation you’re in, or you may think you’ll never get out at all, but you will. 

I don’t want to be cheesy when I say, “It gets better,” but it really does.  If you give it time, you will see that your life will be very different a year from where you are now.  We are not the same person we once were, and you will continue to grow, even in the darkness of your struggles.

This is my last post for You Matter, but my work is not done.  I am an author, advocating for suicide prevention and LGBT rights.  My goal is to help reach as many people as I can, so this part of my journey is only the beginning.  If you want to stay up to date with me, I do have a Facebook page, and I’ll be more than willing to hear you out about your journeys.

So as I say goodbye to You Matter, my message to you is this:  Do not give up.  Your journey has a long way to go, and never let a bad yesterday keep you from having a good tomorrow.

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